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The Rotunda is North Fitzroy's new print community newspaper. 

Printed monthly and distributed throughout North Fitzroy, from the doorsteps of homes to the counters of cafés.

Throughout Covid, we have all depended more on our own neighbourhoods. Lockdown put the emphasis back onto village life – seeking and finding everything we need in close proximity to home.

North Fitzroy has always had a great sense of community, but has never had a newspaper to grow, record and celebrate it. Hence this initiative. I'm Charlie, a first year university student who has decided to give it a go. 

North Fitzroy is creative, charismatic and exuberant – The Rotunda will reflect that. But it's going to be impossible for me to sustain it without any help. So if you're interested in advertising, contributing or delivering, please get in contact!


Charlie Gill, editor of The Rotunda

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