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Meet Alfie! "It was great to spend a year focusing on self-care"

Updated: May 27, 2021

Three year old Labradoodle

Also known as: Alfina, The Duchess, Baboon, Princess.

How was last year?

It was kind of great. I feel bad for saying that, but I love my family and I love bounding around the house. I was a bit sad considering I’m in my early twenties (in human years) and would love to be out with friends, but it was great to spend a year focusing on self-care. Do you know what I mean?

Your personal style? Your vibe?

I’m a pocket rocket. Small but elegant. I’d look great being carried around in a slightly oversized handbag. Prada, preferably. (Laughs). My personal style icons are Snowy from Tintin (he always looks so great; so capable) and, to be honest...Cruella. She’s sort of fantastic. The Dalmatians will kill me for that!

What have you been watching?

LOVING Bridgerton -- so much fun. Even before we started watching, my owners nicknamed me ‘Princess’ - it was a little disconcerting at first, but grew on me once I was desexed. And Married At First Sight, of course. I can relate. When my owners picked me up I’d never seen them before. I had no say in the matter, but I made it work!

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