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The Rotunda: The World's Jolliest Newspaper

Breathe a sigh or relief. The Rotunda is back with a winter edition. 


 We're all well-acquainted with Melbourne’s specific kind of wintry gloom – muddy football

ovals, heavy grey skies, moping faces, exhausted, weather-beaten possums huddling in tree-cubbies, flower bushes rendered monochrome, oak trees hunched over in misery.

I'm getting carried away. Come on, winter isn’t that bad. And after all, there’s plenty happening here. Residents continue to speculate on the status of the Konstantines building. Two curious women scrutinise the local dating scene at our neighbourhood’s trendiest bar (page 3). An artist dreams of what North Fitzroy would look like in snow (page 7). Fitzroy Football Club is on the march towards a historic achievement (page 6). Prospective drivers are becoming frustrated with VicRoads for sabotaging their drive tests (page 5).

The weather might be leaving much to be desired, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  All of our friends currently roaming Europe can have their tranquil mornings in old museums and sun-drenched, wine-drunk afternoons on pretty beaches. We’ll keep our cosy evenings on comfy couches and snug nights in warm beds with the rain pattering gently and the newspaper in our lap. Enjoy our July edition! 


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