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Another Rotunda is here! Spring has officially sprung.

Picture this:

You’re on a beach. It’s low tide. A wave announces itself on the sand with a soft slap; comes up and greets you; glides over your ankles. Birdcalls go back and forth in the dusk-orange sky. You see something in the distance. You go over, light on your feet. It’s an old man in a red short-sleeve button up and brown tattered shorts. He’s got a cigarette sticking out the corner of his mouth like a plank on a pirate ship. He’s sitting on a deck chair, reading a newspaper. Is that… No… No, it can’t be. Is he reading… is he reading an entirely new copy of The Rotunda? 

Yeah, he is. 

Has that copy got… an article on the statues featured on the plinth in Edinburgh Gardens? How fantastic. And does it… tell the story of Fitzroy’s men and women’s teams’ successful seasons? Amazing. And is that an… unbelievably good illustration of Rathdowne Street, there on pages 4 and 5? And has it got the regular stuff: the crossword, Street Style, Ludo’s article? 

Yeah, it does. The wind blows through your hair. The newspaper’s pages ruffle in the breeze. 

Why don’t you take a seat? 


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