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Welcome to another edition of The Rotunda.

A winter chill is starting to settle in. The days are ending earlier and earlier. At this time of year, there’s a premium on things that bring warmth and comfort. Hopefully, The Rotunda is one of those things – even if you only use it to light your fireplace. Though we hope you’ll at least have a skim-through first.

The proposed Brunswick Street Oval development is set to be the biggest change Edinburgh Gardens has seen in a long time. Meanwhile, other residents are in a dispute with Brunswick Zebras that also revolves around the construction of new changerooms in Sumner Park. So, is there trouble in paradise? It appears that could be the case.

But hey – at least we’re still in paradise. In this issue, you’ll find the unbelievable story of an impromptu baby birth at a Queens Parade intersection. You can read an update on the Fitzroy seniors’ footy season so far. And as always, we’ve got Street Style, the crossword and Ludo’s regular column (he’s as cynical as ever). 


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