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The Rotunda: The World's Jolliest Newspaper

We know it's been a while – though surely everyone’s entitled to an indulgent summer break? Of course, it can’t go too long, so after finishing The White Lotus – then bumping into a friend who asked how “The Gazebo” is going – I realised it's finally time to raise this newspaper’s profile. 


This issue is jam-packed: fro a report a local dog's crazy night to the strange tale of the local restaurant with the unpredictable owner that made “the best pizza of all time”. From an article by a Clauscen Street resident who fears endless bureaucracy is making street parties too difficult to organise to a chat with Fitzroy’s captains and coaches just as the season is about to begin. 


Who writes the eye-catching posters placed on the exterior of the Presbyterian Church? Which local character caught the roving eye of our Street Style correspondent? If you accidentally walk naked past your child’s Zoom tutorial, how will you ever face their teacher in person? Get your hands on the latest issue of The Rotunda if you'd like to find out!

You can access the latest issue, and all previous issues, below. 



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