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The Rotunda's fourth edition is out now – a bumper-issue with four extra pages!  

The past month or two has been littered with disasters – earthquakes, outbreaks, hailstorms, Melbourne winning the premiership – and throughout the chaos of it all, you didn’t even have a new issue of The Rotunda to console yourselves with.

I can tell what you’re thinking: “What sort of heartless newspaper are you? You never text, you never call. We’re done”.

Well, we’re back with a 12-page extravaganza. Our November issue includes the incredible story of Brooks Crescent; a feature on the Edinburgh Cricket Club; Street Style; Local Enthusiasms; a crossword... this issue has it all.

See our Instagram page (@the.rotunda) for where you can pick up a copy, or access a PDF through the link below. 


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