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The Rotunda: The World's Jolliest Newspaper

The Rotunda is back with a spring edition. 


Last time we spoke, our gutters were filled with rainwater and our skies painted grey. But look outside – we've moved on from winter. The leaves are green. The asphalt is dappled with sunlight. Spring is here, and so too is a brand new edition of North Fitzroy's pre-eminent newspaper. 

 We’ve got so much to tell you: about the local woman who spends her weekends in the sky, the proactive locals tackling climate change through electrification and the neighbourhood's best record shops. 


Also: the boys soccer team who defied expectation, the Roys’ recent success and more. And back by popular demand is Ludo's column. He's been cleared after international investigation, and he's got much to say. 

The new edition is available in print – delivered to your door if you're a North Fitzroy resident and to cafes around the area. (The full list on our Instagram). Anyway, enjoy!


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